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Cinema 4D
Build a Joysticks 'n Sliders Rig in Cinema 4D

Enhance your character animation workflow by building joystick and slider controllers natively in Cinema 4D.

To Buck and Beyond: A Joe Donaldson Interview

Joe Donaldson talks work, life and mid-20's career success on today's podcast.

How to Network Like a Pro

Networking can be scary, but this jam-packed guide will help you shmooze like a pro!

A First Look at Cavalry

A First Look at Cavalry, a new 2D animation app.

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The History of VFX: A Chat with Red Giant CCO, Stu Maschwitz

Legendary Hollywood VFX artist and Red Giant CCO Stu Maschwitz hops on the podcast to chat about his epic career in the VFX industry.

Cinema 4D
How to Use Spring Objects and Dynamic Connectors in Cinema 4D

Learn how to use dynamic tags, spring objects and controllers to create a bobblehead in this Cinema 4D tutorial!

Podcast: From MK12 to the Spider-Verse, a Chat With James Ramirez

In this podcast interview, James Ramirez of MK12 chats about his career evolution from a small Texas town to Spiderman titles in Hollywood.

Ryan Summers Joins School of Motion as 2D Creative Director

A Letter from Ryan Summers on Joining SOM as New 2D Creative Director

After Effects
How to Export with a Transparent Background in After Effects

Quick Tip Tutorial: Rendering Transparency - Exporting Video Footage with a Transparent Background in After Effects

After EffectsCinema 4D
Our 10 Favorite Motion Design Projects of 2019

Ten 2019 Motion Design Projects That Pushed the Limits of Animation, Design and Storytelling

The Year In Review: 2019

Motion Graphics Greats Joey Korenman, EJ Hassenfratz and Ryan Summers on the Highlights of 2019 and What to Expect in 2020

The 2019 MoGraph and SOM Wrap Up

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Letter from Joey Korenman, featuring the best tutorials, podcast episodes and articles of the year