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Cinema 4D
Build a Joysticks 'n Sliders Rig in Cinema 4D

Enhance your character animation workflow by building joystick and slider controllers natively in Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D
How to Use Spring Objects and Dynamic Connectors in Cinema 4D

Learn how to use dynamic tags, spring objects and controllers to create a bobblehead in this Cinema 4D tutorial!

After Effects
How to Export with a Transparent Background in After Effects

Quick Tip Tutorial: Rendering Transparency - Exporting Video Footage with a Transparent Background in After Effects

Cinema 4D
Using Cinema 4D Art for Augmented Reality with Adobe Aero

Learn How to Leverage Adobe Aero to Create Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences with Your 3D Animation Designs from Cinema 4D

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After Effects
How to use Camera Tracker in After Effects

After Effects Tutorial: Tracking Video Footage and Then Placing and Aligning Text

Cinema 4D
Inside 3D Design: How to Create An Infinite Mirror Room

An Infinite Mirror How-To Guide for Cinema 4D and OctaneRender from Motion Design Artist and Educator David Ariew

After Effects
How to Duplicate a Layer in After Effects

Easy After Effects Layer Duplication: A Quick Tip Tutorial

After Effects
Mastering Layers in After Effects: How to Split, Trim, Slip, and More

Video editing? Here are the top time-saving keyboard shortcuts for manipulating layers in After Effects.

After Effects
Screen Replacement in After Effects: A How To

How to Track and Replace a Screen in After Effects

After Effects
Exploring New Features in After Effects 17.0

The After Effects 17.0 Update is all about performance. School of Motion explains.

Premiere Pro
The Top Five Tools for Fast Video Editing in Premiere Pro

Expedite Your Premiere Pro Workflow with These Five Video Editing Tools

After Effects
Mastering Text Animation with Expression Controllers in After Effects

Creatively Using Text Animators in After Effects: Thinking Outside the (Text) Box