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PhotoshopCinema 4D
How to Make Seamless Textures for Cinema 4D

Learn several Photoshop techniques to make seamless textures from any image, even iPhone photos, for use in Cinema 4D.

How to Add Texture to your Designs in Photoshop

Learn how to use masks, brushes, and images to add texture to your designs in Photoshop

After Effects
Animation 101: Follow-Through in After Effects

Learn an easy, powerful technique for using the animation principle of follow-through in your After Effects work.

Mastering Masks in Photoshop and Illustrator

Learn the ins and outs of using the powerful masking tools inside of Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Design 101: Using Value Structure

Learn to pick colors more intelligently by understanding the concept of Value in color theory.

After EffectsIllustrator
How to Animate Impossible Shapes in After Effects

Learn a few advanced After Effects techniques that can help you approach challenging "impossible" shape animations.

After Effects
3 Pro Tips for After Effects Beginners

If you're an After Effects beginner, this video will show you 3 powerful tips that will upgrade your work instantly.

After Effects
Pose to Pose Character Animation in After Effects

Learn the magic of pose-to-pose character animation inside of After Effects.

Cinema 4D
Intro to Modeling in Cinema 4D

Learn some box modeling basics to unlock the power of modeling in Cinema 4D

After Effects
Easy Animated Trails with Expressions

Harness the power of After Effects expressions to easily create trails that follow an object.

After EffectsPhotoshop
Using Mocha for Tracking and Clean Up in After Effects

Improve your Mocha tracking and clean up by using this clever After Effects workflow.

Cinema 4D
Build a Joysticks 'n Sliders Rig in Cinema 4D

Enhance your character animation workflow by building joystick and slider controllers natively in Cinema 4D.